Hegen and Alibaba Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Establish Strategic Co-Operation on Branding

The partnership will establish opportunities for both companies to combine resources and innovate business strategies to enhance Hegen’s brand image in China.

Hegen (Singapore), today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Alibaba’s (China) business-to-consumer (B2C) e- commerce platform Tmall (www.tmall.com) at the Alibaba Group Corporate Campus in Hangzhou, China. This agreement was signed by Ms. Yvon Bock, Founder and Managing Director, Hegen Pte. Ltd. and Ms. An Zhi, Senior Director, Tmall Fast- Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Division. This MOU will see the establishment between the two companies to enhance Hegen’s brand image in the Chinese market.

The MOU aims to generate greater interest in the brands’ products as well as become a sustainable growth engine of sales and profit for Hegen in the Chinese market and globally. Hegen and Tmall will cohesively develop strategies to improve the brand’s sales through enriching the brand image, e-supply chain optimization, consumer experience and new technological innovation.

Through collaborative and creative development, the MOU will develop and enhance the brand’s image and efforts to help increase the percentage of mothers who breastfeed in China as well as to prolong the duration in which mothers breastfeed.

The MOU was signed in conjunction with an enhanced business model to provide social and community platforms to educate and support nursing mothers through both online and offline engagements. Hegen and Tmall will also share resources to actively curate pop-up Breastfeeding Centers in traditional mother & baby retail outlets to reach out to the consumers.

“This MOU signifies the heartfelt efforts by Hegen; to reach out to as many nursing mothers in China. It will create opportunities to provide education and support for mothers and consumers to embrace breastfeeding. One example is to create a national campaign - the ‘Hegen Mum Movement’, which empowers working mothers to feel unapologetic at pursuing their careers while still successfully giving her best (breastfeeding) to her baby at the same time.” said Ms. Bock. 

The social and community platforms also include at least 12 Hegen ‘Cherish Nature’s Gift’ breastfeeding seminars conducted across China by Ms. Bock as well as lifestyle variety programmes and various digital marketing by Tmall featuring maternal influencers.  

Hegen is honoured to be the first Singapore brand on Tmall to be part of this exclusive partnership. Since the launch of Hegen's flagship store on Tmall one and half years ago, Hegen is now a top selling brand in the baby bottle category.



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