The Hegen Ecosystem allows for the smoothest transition from pumping to feeding your child.

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Hegen bottles are the BEST! I love the simple and beautiful design of Hegen. It never leaks, never once caused my baby girl to cough, and is so easy to clean - I’ll recommend it to all my friends.
Texas, United States
I owe a lot to Hegen for helping my son to enjoy milk when he was younger - every other bottle would cause him to spit milk out and feel afraid. Now when he sees his Hegen bottle, it is pure joy because it means milk time or a honey water lunch treat before nap time.
Sarah Elliot
Sarah Elliot
The Hegen team’s can-do attitude & great product knowledge kept me going on my breastfeeding journey (10 months and counting!). They are passionate in educating and empowering mums at their Spotify podcasts and community outreach too. Thank you Hegen ;)
Sng Cui Xia
Sng Cui Xia
I swear by the Hegen manual breast pump! It can yield more than the electric pump and requires a shorter time pumping. I bring it everywhere and use it when I’m in meetings too.
Tisha Haryanto
Tisha Haryanto
  1. Breast Pump Featured on Pedestal

    Electric breast pumps are helpful equipment that any lactating mother should have at the ready. It can do wonders in easing your breastfeeding journey and make pumping less of a chore.

    The Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump is designed with the needs of a modern working breastfeeding mum in mind. It is the most unique electric pump for breast milk in Singapore with its many thoughtful features. In this article, we go in-depth to let you know everything you would need to discover about our ergonomic and innovative product.

    NEW SoftSqround™ Flanges for a comfortable pump

    Did you know that you must measure your nipples to find the right flange size for pumping? Our all-new SoftSqroundTM flanges are now available in five different sizes – 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm and 31mm – to fit mums of all sizes.

    Made of full silicone, our uniquely SqroundTM-shaped flanges are soft and comfortable when fitted onto your breast. It is so comfortable that

    The Must-Have Hegen Double Electric Breast Pump: Demystified
    December 20, 2022
  2. Yvon and Leon Bock Safe Place Workshop

    "Thank you for starting Safe Place, Jennifer," said Cindy* (not her real name), turning her gaze to her 2-month old baby. "The support has been amazing. If it wasn't for Safe Place, my boyfriend and I would have aborted our son."

    We were sitting together at lunch after the breastfeeding workshop at the Hegen Experiential Centre, one of the many resources we provide to help unsupported women as they go through their parenthood journey. No matter how many times I've heard those words through the years, it never gets old. The work of Safe Place is transformational not just for women, but for men and children too.

    Safe Place exists to empower unsupported pregnant women and their families to make life-giving choices. While pregnancy is a joyous event for some women, others may feel desperately afraid and lonely due to difficult circumstances. Timely and tangible help can make a huge difference.

    Safe Place: More Than Just A Shelter For Women
    December 05, 2022
  3. Baby Weaning: How and when to start

    Have you ever wondered what comes next for your baby after being fed purely liquids? Weaning is the process of introducing your infant to the various tastes and textures found in solid foods. The weaning journey consists of three stages, all of which are important in shaping your baby's future relationship with food. Find out how you can wean your baby from milk to solids in this article in collaboration with Little Blossom.

    Baby Weaning: How and when to start
    November 07, 2022