How To Choose The Right Baby Bottle For Your Newborn

How To Choose The Right Baby Bottle For Your Newborn
When it comes to bottle-feeding your baby, you probably have many questions on your mind. From choosing the right bottle to overcoming challenges like bottle rejection and colic, there’s a lot to navigate. Not to worry! In this post, we’ll discuss how to choose the right feeding bottle for your infant, plus tips to tackle common feeding issues. 

Factors to consider when selecting a baby bottle 

    1. Material

    Let’s start with the basics –  baby bottle materials. From classic glass and plastic to modern silicone, each has its pros and cons: 

    • Glass bottles are easy to clean and safe but can be prone to breakage. 
    • Plastic bottles are lightweight and durable, but concerns about BPA, a potentially harmful chemical, exist. 
    • Silicone bottles are lightweight and non-toxic but tend to be more expensive than glass and plastic. 

     At Hegen, all our bottles are made of PPSU, a high-performance plastic material that combines the advantages of both glass and plastic. Known for its superior toughness while being lightweight and free of BPA, BPS, Phthalate and PVC, PPSU can resist extreme temperatures from -20°C to 180°C. This means you can deep freeze or warm up breastmilk directly in Hegen feeding bottles, making it easy to express, store and feed from a single bottle. 


    2. Teat shape, size and flow

      Nipple confusion occurs when your infant is having problems transitioning between the breast and bottle. Sucking milk from a bottle is easier for your little one compared to breastfeeding, which can lead them to prefer bottle-feeding.  

      To minimise nipple confusion, it is recommended to choose teats that allow for a deeper latch. Nursing mums can also try paced bottle feeding to ease the breast-bottle-breast transition. Hegen’s baby bottles come with a velvety soft, elliptical shaped teat that mimics a mum’s lactating breast. The asymmetrical teat also requires baby to do a deep latch similar to drinking from the breast. Furthermore, Hegen teats promote upright feeding, reducing the risk of milk back-flow, choking and mid-ear complications. By encouraging a natural feeding posture, our teats help to cultivate good feeding habits from the start. 

      Don’t be too alarmed if your child rejects the bottle from time to time. They may just not be hungry, or are dissatisfied with the milk temperature. Get tips on how to deal with your child’s bottle rejection issues here. If your baby is having serious bottle rejection issues, do seek help early speaking to a lactation consultant. 

      Keep in mind that baby bottle teats aren’t one-size-fits-all. Most feeding bottles offer varying teat flow rates – that is, how quickly the milk flows out of the bottle through the teat to your baby – for different age ranges. Check out our guide for choosing the right flow rate here. 


      3. Anti-colic features 

      Colic can be a mystery, often leading to prolonged crying spells that last three or more hours with no apparent cause. Common culprits include digestive issues, overstimulation, or even milk allergies.  

      To help soothe your baby and reduce colicky behaviour, it's crucial to choose bottles with anti-colic features. Hegen’s anti-colic teats are designed with a built-in venting system that releases trapped air from the bottle. This innovative design reduces unwanted air intake, which can otherwise fill your baby's tummy and cause discomfort, leading to teary outbursts. Our venting system also prevents milk from bubbling, preserving the essential nutrients and making feeding time more enjoyable and nutritious for your little one. 


      4. Bottle shape and size

      The shape of a baby milk bottle matters more than you think! Here are some differences between the different shapes:

      • Standard bottles are straightforward and easy to use, but they may not offer the best grip or feeding angle. 
      • Angled bottles help reduce air intake by allowing milk to collect at the nipple, which can be helpful for reducing colic. However, they can be a hassle to clean. 
      • Screwthread-neck bottles are durable and secure but can be less convenient when it comes to cleaning and assembly. 

      Hegen's unique Ssqround (square-round) shape combines the best of all worlds. It not only offers a better grip for babies to hold but also keeps the bottle from rolling away. Stackable and ergonomic, our bottles are perfect for storage and travel. With various sizes available, catering to newborns and older tots alike, Hegen ensures your baby's evolving needs are always met. 


      5. Ease of cleaning

      Wide-neck bottles are the key to hassle-free cleaning. Hegen bottles feature a wide opening, smooth interior surface and minimal parts, making them incredibly easy to clean. Plus, the unique Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open™ (PCTO™) design allows you to easily twist off the bottle lid or collar for washing, ensuring maximum convenience. And yes, theyre also dishwasher-safe (top rack only)! 


      6. Sustainability

      In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental footprint, sustainability matters. While glass bottles may seem eco-friendly, their fragility and limited reusability and recyclability raise concerns. Hegen bottles offer the perfect balance of durability and recyclability, ensuring a guilt-free feeding experience for you and a cleaner planet for your little one's future.  

      Beyond their use as baby feeding and storage solutions, our multifunctional bottles can also be repurposed as baking cups, plant pots or organisers for accessories. What’s more, old Hegen bottles can be recycled and exchanged for new ones at a discounted price through our trade-in programmes, which promote sustainable practices. 


      Why choose Hegen bottles? 

      When it comes to choosing the best for your baby, heres why the Hegen experience is unparalleled: 

      The Hegen ecosystem 

      Hegen isnt just about individual bottles; its an entire ecosystem designed to simplify your parenting journey with multi-functional and convenient products. When it comes to breastmilk, every drop counts. Thanks to our interchangeable storage lids, you can Express-Store-Feed within a single container, eliminating the need for wasteful transfers. This system is perfect for busy parents, reducing the need for multiple containers and minimising cleaning time. 

      Thoughtful design 

      Hegen’s modular and stackable bottles are designed to be as easy to handle as possible. The ergonomic Sqround shape provides a comfortable grip for both parents and babies, while ensuring stability on surfaces to prevent spills. With its Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open™ (PCTO™) design, you can effortlessly switch between storage and feeding, reducing the hassle and making feeding times more efficient. The minimal parts and easy-to-clean features save you valuable time, letting you focus more on enjoying precious moments with your baby. 


      Our bottles are incredibly versatile, adapting to your little one’s needs as they grow. From storing breastmilk, feeding your newborn to starting solids, Hegen bottles and containers can handle it all. They also offer on-the-go convenience and fit seamlessly into the lifestyles of modern families, whether you’re a frequent jet-setter or a fan of picnics at the beach. Best of all, our bottles can be used by the entire family, from organising small items to serving as portable containers for travel essentials. This adaptability ensures you get maximum use out of each bottle, making it a smart investment for the long run. 

      As you embark on this thrilling chapter of parenthood, remember: the right bottle can make all the difference. Make a thoughtful choice and let Hegen be your trusted companion every step of the way. Find out more about our bottles here. Happy feeding!