Our Impact and Commitments

At Hegen, we are driven by a commitment to make a meaningful difference in the world, starting with the communities we serve and extending to the environment we all share. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are rooted in a deep sense of care, responsibility, and gratitude, reflecting our dedication to societal and environmental well-being. 

We are steadfast in our mission to contribute positively to mothers and society at large, ensuring that every action we take aligns with our company values.

Read more about our CSR initiatives below.

Empowering Woman and Families

  • Safe Place

    Safe Place is a non-profit organisation that supports women by providing them with a range of support, from safe temporary accommodation to equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge required in their motherhood journey. Hegen started our journey with Safe Place in 2018 with the aim of supporting the mums on their breastfeeding journey by equipping them with knowledge and equipment.  

    From holding breastfeeding and baby massage classes to sponsoring products and running marketing campaigns to create awareness for Safe Place, Hegen's collaboration with Safe Place signifies a shared commitment to nurturing life and fostering an environment of care and support for all mothers in need. 

    By joining forces with Safe Place, Hegen is proud to be part of a larger mission that goes beyond our core business, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of mothers and their families.

    View the report summary below:

    Safe Place Report 2023
  • 258

    Bottles and Teats Sponsored

  • 56

    Breast pumps Sponsored

  • 85

    Mothers Impacted

  • Hegen Cares

    Touched by a story shared by a Hegen mum who was pregnant while working as a nurse in the operating theatre in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hegen Cares represents our heartfelt response to the contributions made by the nation’s frontline healthcare workers, specifically, the pregnant healthcare workers in Singapore during the pandemic. This initiative is an embodiment of our gratitude, offering support to these courageous women who balance the demands of their critical roles with the challenges of impending motherhood. 

    Through Hegen Cares, we provided 1,000 Hegen PCTO™ Express Store Feed Starter Kits to pregnant healthcare workers in Singapore, specifically targeting those involved in COVID-19 care. This gesture of appreciation acknowledges the hard work and dedication of these women, offering them practical support that eases their daily lives and honours their commitment to both their families and the community. 

    View the Press Release below:

    Hegen Cares Press Release
  • 13

    Medical Workplaces Across Singapore

  • 1,000

    Pregnant Healthcare Workers Outreached

Driving Sustainability

  • Hegen Trade-in Programme

    Understanding the importance of nurturing not just our children but also the planet they will inherit, we run trade-in programmes regularly where parents can exchange their old bottles for new Hegen bottles at a discounted price. This initiative seamlessly aligns with our core values of sustainability, reflecting our dedication to the well-being of both our customers and the environment. 

    Our trade-in program not only facilitates the responsible disposal and recycling of used bottles but also educates our community on the importance of sustainable practices. Through this initiative, we hope to inspire a ripple effect, encouraging more families to make eco-friendly choices and contribute to a greener future. 

  • 4342

    Plastic Bottles Recycled

  • 25

    Glass Bottles Recycled

  • 318.2kg

    Total Plastics Recycled

As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain dedicated to expanding our CSR endeavours, where our efforts continue to reinforce Hegen’s core mission since Day 1, which is to serve 100 million mothers around the world. With every step, we aim to inspire and make a difference that resonates deeply with families globally.