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Picking the ideal gift for a newborn can be challenging without prior parenting experience. To take the guesswork out of the gift-sourcing process, Hegen offers a collection of thoughtful gifts. Meticulously curated to cater to the mother and baby, you can be confident in finding a meaningful and fitting present to commemorate this special milestone.

BestNewborn Gift for First-Time Moms

For first-time parents, the very best gifts are often those that support them in their journey. That is why we recommend gifting the Hegen PCTO™ Complete Starter Kit PPSU (SG Exclusive Plus). Featuring feeding baby bottles with anti-spillage lids and teats mimicking a mother’s breast, feeding is safe and fuss-free, enabling new moms to focus on bonding with babies.

Best Newborn Gift for Working Moms

A user-centric gift, the Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump (SoftSqround™) is sure to be a present working mothers will cherish. Perfectly light and compact with a USB-compatible charging port, mothers can easily use this set of breast milk pumps on the go.

Designed to operate quietly and auto-adjust the lighting on its screen, mothers can avoid rousing a sleeping partner and baby or disrupting co-workers when using the pumps, making it an indispensable companion for motherhood.

Best Baby Gift Made to Last

Finding the perfect gift for a mother with an abundance of baby care products can be challenging. However, the [NEW] Hegen PCTO™ Complete Starter Kit PPSU (SG Exclusive Plus) is sure to impress these ladies. Comprising bottles fitted with three different flow teats, this kit caters to babies of different age groups, ensuring that your gift remains useful even when the newborn grows older.

If you are struggling with gift ideas for an experienced mother, the versatility of this kit also means that it can be used for other bubs in the family, making it an ideal choice that is sure to please new and seasoned moms alike.

Best Baby Gift for the Minimalist

For minimalist moms, the Hegen PCTO™ Basic Starter Kit PPSU is your go-to choice. The feeding bottles in this gift set can easily double up as a breast milk storage bag alternative or a container for snacks and purees.

As they can withstand temperatures between -20°C to 180°C, mothers can easily freeze or heat food in these containers quickly, making it a breeze to feed their babies and avoid adding more containers to clutter up their diaper bags or houses. A practical present and time saver - what's not to love?

Best Baby Gift for Pregnant Women and Practical Moms

When it comes to giving the best baby gifts for expecting women and practical mothers, there is nothing more fitting than a Hegen Gift Card. Empowered to select their gift items personally, pragmatic mothers will appreciate the ability to receive what they truly need and desire. 

Meanwhile, the gift card allows pregnant moms-to-be to avoid getting items they already receive as gifts, ensuring that the present can be enjoyed for its true purpose and value. These make gift cards truly functional.

Personalised Baby Gifts and Newborn Gifts with Their Name!

From everyday helpful feeding tools to personalised baby gifts, Hegen’s extensive collection of baby essentials promises something for every mom and dad. Celebrate the joyous occasion of pregnancy with Hegen’s memorable gifts today!

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