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Hegen Bottles: Breast Milk Storage

For many mums, storing and preserving breast milk is a priority so that babies can be well-fed, taking in all the nutritional goodness to grow, develop, and be protected from illnesses. Pumping and storing breast milk in bottles allow mummies to easily schedule feedings, or caregivers can feed babies expressed milk while mums are resting or away. Some babies also take time to latch on, and bottle-feeding expressed milk ensures your little one can receive the benefits of breast milk in the meantime.

Hegen's breast milk storage bottles are a great choice, as they are designed specifically with the needs of breast milk storage and feeding —simplicity, convenience and practicality — in mind:

1. Express-Store-Feed

We understand that every drop counts. That’s why with Hegen, you can express, store, and feed all from one single breast milk storage bottle. Hegen’s baby bottles evolves with you and your child’s needs: easily attach a Breast Milk Pump Module to express into the bottle, swap the pump for a Breast Milk Storage Lid for air-tight, secure, space-saving storage, change the lid to a Feeding Teat and Collar when it’s meal time, or switch out to our Food Storage Converter so you can bring along all of your favourite solid or semi-solid food and snacks for your baby when they are up and about! 

2. Fuss-free, Thoughtful Usage

Hegen’s breast milk storage bottles come with air-tight lids that prevent oxidation and contamination — ensuring that babies won’t lose out on important nutrients and antibodies essential for their development. They are also colour coded to easily identify what kind of milk is inside each bottle. The snap-on interconnecting buttons will enable you to organise an efficient milk storage system, leaving you more room for other essentials. Plus, the bottles have been carefully designed for easy one-hand closure, no-hassle cleaning, and reduced toppling and spillage.

3. Multifunctional Purpose

Hegen’s breast milk storage bottles have many purposes even when your baby’s outgrown breast milk. Get creative — use them for on-the-go snack containers for your kids (or yourself!), portion food, and store kids’ tiny toys or your jewellery. You can even bake in these nifty PPSU containers that can withstand extreme temperatures up to 180°C! 

A Better, Sustainable Alternative to Milk Storage Bags

Breast milk bottles are becoming increasingly popular for breastfeeding mothers due to their higher resemblance to natural breasts, hence reducing the phenomenon of nipple confusion. The bottles supplement rather than replaces the role of mommies during breastfeeding, smoothening the switch between bottle and breast. Both the mommy and their baby can enjoy a more comfortable breastfeeding experience.

Apart from this, the variety of sizes breast milk bottles come in makes it easier for mothers to measure and store the correct amount of milk during each feeding session. Our Hegen Express-Store-Feed Ecosystem also protects the integrity and precious nutrients of breast milk without necessitating mummies to transfer expressed milk from one bottle to another. Mummies can save time and effort using our Hegen bottles and more importantly, ensure that their babies are receiving the best possible nutrients.

Product Range

Hegen understands the intricate needs of every mother. Our products don’t just meet standards; they elevate them. When you opt for our milk storage solutions, you embrace an unparalleled mix of quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Here’s what makes our range exceptional:

1. Breast Milk Storage Bottles

Our breast milk bottles are tailored to meet the unique needs of every mother, offering a diverse range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Thoughtfully designed, these milk bottles are stackable for organised storage. Made from the high-quality PPSU material, they are distinguished by their heat resistance and inability to absorb odours or colours from liquids, guaranteeing the freshest nourishment for your baby. To enhance your feeding experience, we also offer lids in a variety of shades, from serene pastels to vivacious hues.

2. Breast Milk Storage Lids

Experience the ease of storage and portability with our uniquely designed lids. Precision-engineered for an air-tight fit, they ensure that every drop of your precious milk is carefully preserved.

3. Food Storage Converter

Transitioning from milk storage to baby food? Hegen’s food storage converter seamlessly transforms your Hegen breast milk bottles, making them versatile companions as your baby grows.

4. Replacement Parts

Hegen also offers essential replacement parts, ensuring your Hegen experience remains uninterrupted. At the heart of our innovation is the Hegen ecosystem, where each accessory – be it a teat, lid, or feeding collar – is meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with our signature bottle design. Every product carries the Hegen promise, in which we dedicate ourselves to enriching the journey of parenthood, making each moment more memorable, graced by a touch of elegant style.

Shop Hegen’s Multifunctional Breast Milk Storage Bottles

Ultimately, Hegen's breast milk storage bottles are an excellent option for mummies who want convenience and reassurance when storing their precious liquid gold and keeping it fresh. Bond with your baby and worry less about mealtimes with our Hegen Express-Store-Feed ecosystem. Shop our full product range or bestow a mummy-to-be with a baby gift set that’s sure to be appreciated! 

We also offer extensive courses to get parents-to-be ready for the complex journey of parenthood. You can find science-based antenatal education and lactation consultations conducted by the professional International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants at our Hegen Lactation Centre, so reach out to us today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Breast Milk Bottles and Milk Storage Alternatives

How do I clean and sterilise Hegen’s breast milk storage bottles?

Cleaning and sterilising Hegen’s breast milk storage bottles is straightforward. After every use, dismantle the containers and wash all parts in warm, soapy water. For those who prefer using a dishwasher, these milk storage bottles are safe to use; just ensure they're placed on the top rack. Once cleaned, rinse them thoroughly. For sterilisation, you have multiple options: boil the bottles in water for 5 minutes, use steam, microwave, an Ultra-Violet (UV) steriliser, or a sterilising tablet. 

To dry, leave them on a drying rack. For the best hygiene standards, clean and sterilise the bottles before each use. Our PPSU breast milk storage bottles can withstand -20°C to 180°C. Please ensure that your sterilisers do not exceed the temperature range.

Can Hegen’s breastmilk storage bottles be used for long-term milk storage?

Yes, Hegen’s breast milk storage bottles are designed for short- and long-term milk storage. These bottles are crafted from PPSU material, known for their durability and high heat resistance. They are also stackable for efficient storage. With secure, leak-proof seals, they ensure that the nutrients in your breast milk are preserved, whether you are storing breast milk in the refrigerator or freezer. Always follow storage guidelines to maintain milk quality.

Are Hegen’s breast milk storage bottles leak-proof?

Hegen’s breast milk storage bottles are leak-proof. They feature our innovative Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open (PCTO) technology that ensures a secure seal, preventing leaks. This allows mothers to express, store, and feed using a single container, offering convenience without worrying about spillage or wastage. Whether at home or on the move, you can trust Hegen’s bottles to contain your precious milk safely.

Can Hegen’s breastmilk storage bottles be used for freezing breast milk?

Yes, Hegen's breast milk storage bottles are perfectly suitable for freezing breast milk. Our bottles are made from high-quality PPSU material, renowned for their resistance to extreme temperatures and durability. Our innovative seal design also ensures that the precious nutrients of your milk are securely stored, regardless of whether it's in the refrigerator or freezer. Always remember to leave enough room for the milk to expand when freezing.

Can I feed my baby directly from Hegen’s breast milk storage bottles?

Absolutely. Hegen’s unique design allows you to express, store, and feed using the same container, eliminating the need for transfers and reducing wastage. With our Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open (PCTO) technology, you can easily convert our milk storage bottles into feeding bottles by simply attaching a Hegen teat. This design is meant to replicate a mother’s natural lactating breast, promoting seamless transitions between breast and bottle and making feeding more comfortable and natural for your baby.

What makes Hegen’s breastmilk storage bottles different from others on the market?

Hegen's breast milk storage bottles stand apart due to our innovative Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open (PCTO) technology, allowing for a one-handed closure and facilitating seamless conversion from storage to a feeding bottle. They are made from superior PPSU material, ensuring durability, heat resistance, and odour-free storage. The unique stackable design allows for efficient storage, while the range of lid colours adds a touch of personalisation. The bottles are designed to meet the mother and baby's evolving needs.