Hegen attracted more than 100 times of its daily transactions on Tmall during Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Sopping Festival

In its inaugural participation in Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, Hegen successfully hit record-­breaking sales and number of purchases on its Tmall flagship store within a single day. The spectacular e­commerce event was held last weekend on 11 November 2017.


The key highlight, a promotional 12-­hour live broadcast by Tmall, drew more than 12 million viewers in four segments featuring the brand. The live broadcast of the programme ‘Feng Kuang Boss’, which saw founder and managing director, Yvon Bock, present and demonstrate Hegen’s revolutionary and innovative express, store and feed breastfeeding support system to a global online audience.


The promotional live broadcast resulted in a boost of sales with the average purchased value per shopping cart increase by 25% and seeing customers purchasing more gift sets than individual items. The overall sales revenue for the one-­day shopping extravaganza generated more than the total sales over the last six months;; exceeding the company’s intended sales target by more than 250%.


The positive outcome of the event has established the brand’s strategy of taking a non-­discount route focussed on providing more value and upgrading its consumers to higher value purchases.


“This result is proof that Hegen is starting to gain momentum in the China market. Our 11.11 results were above our expectations and places Hegen amongst the top 5 flagship stores for baby bottles in terms of revenue on Tmall China. We are excited to continue building on this and growing our market share in China. Our online success will most certainly fuel our offline efforts at bringing Hegen to customers all over China”, said Mr Leon Bock, Director of Hegen Pte Ltd.



About Hegen

Hegen believes in creating sustainable and high-­quality products that can continually be evolved to meet the different needs of the growing child. Designed to enhance the user experience, Hegen’s revolutionary, practical and multi-­functional products encourage a sustainable hassle-­free nursing experience.


For more information and updates, please visit https://www.hegen.com/ or Hegen’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/hegen.


Please refer to Annex A for the links to watch the recorded live streams on Tmall

featuring Hegen.


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To watch the live stream of the programmes login to your Tmall account, copy and

paste the following links in the Tmall mobile app:

  1. Pre-­event special on Hegen Tmall flagship store, 10 November 2017: http://d.brzas.com/h.w7mfKo
  2. ‘Feng Kuang Boss’ on Tmall 11.11 live broadcast, 11 November 2017: http://m.ode6.com/h.w7pZlE
  3. Post-­event interview on Tmall 11.11 live broadcast, 11 November 2017http://q.ergz3.com/h.w7qUYR