Celebrate bottle-to-cup transition with joyful blooms from Hegen’s limited-edition Floral Collection


Just like how flowers bloom at their own pace, every child embarks on a wonderfully unique journey as they grow and start to explore the world around them. For parents, nothing is as rewarding as watching them blossom in their own time and season. To celebrate these special moments, Hegen has introduced a limited edition Hegen PCTOTM Floral Collection featuring three bottles adorned with delightful blooms inspired by our children’s flourishing growth.


“At Hegen, we are passionate about developing products that make lives easier for parents and inspire them to embrace the milestone moments of their little ones. We hope the exuberant blooms of our limited-edition Floral Collection will be a joyful companion on their children’s journey from feeding bottles to open cup drinking,” says Yvon Bock, Hegen founder and Chief Executive Officer.


Blossoming with love

True to Hegen’s design ethos of combining functionality with a personal touch, the Floral Collection showcases a fresh take on our versatile bottles with beautiful prints of butterfly pea, orchid and bougainvillea that pay homage to the Southeast Asian heritage. The prints are an expression of the happiness and pride that all parents feel while witnessing their children’s milestone moments, as well as a loving reminder to make the most of their first years with a fast-growing baby.



Featuring three products

The collection features three products designed for seamless bottle-to-cup transition: Hegen PCTO™ 330ml/11oz Feeding Bottle PPSU (Blue) with fast flow teat, Hegen PCTO™ 330ml/11oz All-Rounder Cup PPSU (Purple) and Hegen PCTO™ 330ml/11oz Drinking Bottle PPSU (Pink). Suitable for tots above six months, these bottles will continue to grow with the child as they move on to open-cup drinking. Their interchangeable lids also work perfectly with other Hegen bottles.




Introducing a new colour

In addition to our signature pastel blue and pink, the collection will also feature a new purple hue exclusive to the Hegen PCTOTM All-Rounder Cup PPSU 330ml/11oz. The vibrant purple shade will add a fun pop of colour to the little one’s daily routine while accentuating their precious parent-child bond as the baby embarks on a bottle-to-cup transition.


Perfect gift for new parents

Surprise new parents with a gift that keeps on giving. Available in an array of beautiful blooms and joyful shades, the Floral Collection is a delightful companion for little ones as they explore new adventures from bottle-feeding to drinking from an open cup.

The Hegen PCTOTM Floral Collection is available for a limited time at S$150.00. Visit Hegen’s Floral Collection ‘Blossoming with Love’ Pop Up at TANGS at Tang Plaza, Level 2 from 21 April 2023 – 18 May 2023 to get first dibs on the limited-edition collection.


Order at Hegen’s online store https://www.hegen.com/collections/shop-all from 28th April 2023.

Available island-wide from 1st May 2023, while stocks last.








To enhance and create a positive breastfeeding journey for parents, Hegen was established in Singapore in 2015 by its Founder and CEO, Yvon Bock, whose vision was to modernise a feeding system that advocates breastfeeding, protects the integrity of breastmilk, and simplifies the way mothers express, store and feed. As a global brand thoughtfully designed by a mother for mothers, Hegen champions sustainability through innovative, practical and high-quality breastfeeding products that can be easily converted and repurposed to meet the evolving needs of a child, hence extending the lifespan to beyond a bottle. Our iconic ergonomically-shaped Hegen Sqround (square-round) bottles are modular, multi-functional and designed with our patented Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open™ no screw thread closure for easy handling – which in turn improves the lives of our customers.

Hegen’s commitment goes beyond creating products. Our Hegen Lactation Centre represents our brand’s core value as we strive to provide a holistic experience for our community through education, full lactation consultations and training services, so as to encourage breastfeeding and guide every mum on their unique nursing journey.

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