Thank you for choosing Rent-A-Pump By Hegen

To help you get started, we've compiled all the resources you will need to enjoy your Rent-A-Pump by Hegen service below. If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop us a line at and one of our friendly Customer Experience Specialists will be in touch with you.


We have prepared a comprehensive set of videos to guide you through the assembly, usage and care instructions for the Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump (Softsqround™).

Alternatively, you can also refer to our digital user manual for our Hegen Double Electric Breast Pump (Softsqround™) linked here.


During your rental period, you may consider extending your rental period or purchasing your own brand NEW personal pump.


    Extension of Rental Period

    Click here to extend your current Rent-A-Pump order for another 30, 90, or 180 days


    Purchasing a New Pump

    Click here to purchase your own brand-new Hegen PCTO™ Electric Breast Pump


As the rental period is coming to an end, returning of the rental pump device is simple. Simply follow this quick guide below on how to return your Rent-A-Pump device.

1. Clean your device

For hygiene reasons, we encourage you to clean your Rent-A-Pump device before your return. Should there be any milk stains on the device, you can wipe it with a damp cloth or wet wipes, then leave it to air dry before packing it.

Please do not run the device under or soak in water or put the device into a UV steriliser.

2. Pack your device

Please pack your device back into the Rent-A-Pump packaging box for the optimised shipping experience. If you have lost the packaging, we recommend securing the device in a fitting cardboard box which minimises any movement of the device within the box.

3. Double-check your device

Before the return, ensure that all rental parts are present. The main components that you will be expected to return are:

  • Hegen PCTO™ Electric Breast Pump Device
  • Hegen PCTO™ Electric Breast Pump Adapter (Micro-B USB)

If any of these components are missing, additional fees may be incurred within 2 weeks after the end of your rental period.

4. Return your device in time

Our Customer Experience Team will be reaching out to you to confirm your return pick-up within 7 days before the end of your rental period. If you do not hear from us during this time, please reach out to to confirm.

Do ensure that someone is at home to handover the device to our logistics partner within 2 working days after the end of your rental period to ensure that we can pick-up your device in a timely manner.

Additional administrative fees may be incurred in the case of no-shows for either return methods selected.

5. Check your email

Once your device has been successfully returned, we will be conducting checks on the rental order and device. If any additional charges have been incurred, you will receive an invoice via your email within 14 days after the end of your rental period.

If you do not receive any of such emails from us within 14 days after the end of your rental period, your rental return has been successfully processed and completed!