Introducing the Hegen Bottle Strap: Redefining parenting style with innovative hands-free convenience


As a pioneer of innovative baby care solutions, Hegen takes pride in integrating convenience and functionality with exceptional design. Launching on 24 October 2023, the Hegen Bottle Strap is the newest addition to the brand’s repertoire of high-quality, multi-functional products. Designed to best complement the Hegen Straw Cup, Hegen All-Rounder Cup and Hegen Drinking Bottle, this chic accessory is set to redefine your on-the-go parenting experience with a unique blend of fun, style, and practicality.


“When we envision Hegen products, we think beyond the ordinary. The Hegen Bottle Strap embodies our commitment to innovation and style by inspiring families to engage with our products in a whole new way. It’s not just an accessory; it’s about transforming the everyday task of carrying a bottle into a statement of style and fashion. The Hegen Bottle Strap encourages parents to express their individuality through chic and functional choices while prioritising their baby’s well-being,” says Yvon Bock, Hegen’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.


A new dimension of hands-free ease

The heart of Hegen Bottle Strap’s design lies in its seamless integration into the Hegen Express-Store-Feed Ecosystem. Compatible with the Hegen secondary feeding series, the accessory introduces a hands-free dimension to parenting duties, allowing you to fully engage in those cherished moments of bonding with your little ones while still looking stylishly chic.


Detachable Cup Holder and Adjustable Strap


Featuring a detachable cup holder and an adjustable strap, the Hegen Bottle Strap can be worn by both parents and children. Wear the Hegen Bottle Strap crossbody or top-handle, as it effortlessly adapts to the dynamic lifestyles of modern families.


Its sleek design and versatility will inspire adult and mini trendsetters to explore different fashion-forward styles. Crafted in an elegant, gender-neutral Taupe hue, the understated strap complements a myriad of looks and seamlessly matches Hegen’s existing colour range – while ensuring that your favourite bottle is always within reach.


Microfibre Reinforced Polyurethane (PU) Leather


Staying true to Hegen’s meticulous attention to detail, the accessory showcases the luxe, top-quality Microfibre Reinforced Polyurethane (PU) Leather. This particular microfibre leather, commonly used for fashion accessories, is usually 20 to 30% lighter when compared to genuine leather. Simultaneously, it also exhibits enhanced resilience against the ravages of time and the rigors of everyday wear and tear.

Moreover, the microfibre leather demonstrates heightened resistance to mold and mildew, remaining effortlessly maintainable with less odours. This discreet hardware will keep you in style for years to come, all the while you conscientiously contribute to environmental preservation by embracing this eco-friendly strap, substantially composed of recyclable materials.


The Hegen Bottle Strap is available from 24 October 2023 at S$75. Order it at Hegen’s online store,


Exclusive #StylewithHegen giveaway


Yvon Bock, Founder and CEO of Hegen, with the Hegen Bottle Strap


In conjunction with the Hegen Bottle Strap launch, we are excited to unveil our newest campaign, #StylewithHegen. Taking place in October, the campaign will celebrate the unique individuality of our worldwide Hegen community – parents and tots included – by showcasing photos and videos of their best-dressed looks, complemented with their favourite Hegen bottles.


Join the fun by sharing your #StylewithHegen snaps with us and stand a chance to win a Hegen Bottle Strap! Here’s how to participate:


  1. Post your photo or video on Instagram as a Post, Story, or Reel, or on TikTok (make sure your account is public!).
  1. Tag #StylewithHegen and @hegen in your post.
  1. Follow @hegen on Instagram and @hegen.official on TikTok.


The giveaway is valid from 24th October — 19th November 2023 and the 3 most creative entries will be selected as the lucky winners.








To enhance and create a positive breastfeeding journey for parents, Hegen was established in Singapore in 2015 by its Founder and CEO, Yvon Bock, whose vision was to modernise a feeding system that advocates breastfeeding, protects the integrity of breastmilk, and simplifies the way mothers express, store and feed.


As a global brand thoughtfully designed by a mother for mothers, Hegen champions sustainability through innovative, practical, and high-quality breastfeeding products that can be easily converted and repurposed to meet the evolving needs of a child, hence extending the lifespan to beyond a bottle. Our iconic ergonomically-shaped Hegen Sqround (square-round) bottles are modular, multi-functional and designed with our patented Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open™ no-screw-thread closure for easy handling – which in turn improves the lives of our customers.


Hegen’s commitment goes beyond creating products. Our Hegen Lactation Centre represents our brand’s core value as we strive to provide a holistic experience for our community through education, full lactation consultations and training services, so as to encourage breastfeeding and guide every mum on their unique nursing journey.


Hegen is currently available in 24 international markets: Bahrain, Cambodia, Canada, China, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Macau SAR, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan ROC, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam.


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