Hegen's very first Fast and Furious baby shower

Hegen's very first Fast and Furious baby shower - Hegen

Oh Baby – throwback 1 month ago!

A room filled with family, friends and lots of laughter. A cosy and joyous feeling felt by the Hegen Team last month when we organised our very first Hegen Baby Shower for the very beautiful and chatty Claire Jedrek and her cheerful hubby, Yuey Tan!

The lovely afternoon kicked off with close friends and family of Claire & Yuey filling up the room bringing gifts for Baby Jedrek-Tan to help them with the pooping and scooping upon arrival of the little one. The motorsport couple welcomed their first child, Baby Jedrek Tan on 11 January 2018.

How wonderful it was to be part of such a special occasion? The funny bone tickler got cracking when the baby shower games started. Now what’s a party without some fun and games? Imagine Daddy Yuey gobbling down googey baby purees after purees to guess the flavours and the adults drinking from our Hegen bottles?! Oh baby! 

The Hegen Baby Shower for Claire & Yuey celebrated the little one to the fullest as the couple were showered with baby and parenting essentials. Not forgetting their guests who were showered with fabulous door gifts kindly sponsored by Motherswork and goodies from Gaia Skin Naturals SG.

A baby shower in style? Claire definitely has a great sense of style as the theme for the party saw the room decorated with a classy rustic vibe showcasing her love for florals and greens. The sophisticated decorations and floral arrangements were specially put together with love by her sister Rachel together with stylist Wulala.

The over the top decorations were definitely a hit with their guests and what else made our very first Hegen Baby Shower exceptional was the warmth and fuzzy feeling of babies in the room – that’s right Claire was definitely on the right ‘track’ with her girlfriends. The fun bunch can’t wait for their kids to play together.

The Hegen team wishes Claire & Yuey all the best with parenting, it’s going to be an amazing ride with Baby Jedrek-Tan in the backseat.