4 Tips for Breastfeeding Mums

4 Tips for Breastfeeding Mums - Hegen

Every mother wants the best for their child

The nutrition that breast milk gives a child in the course of their first few days of birth is one of the best. During a mother’s breastfeeding journey, there are many questions and concerns that would be running through her mind. Our founder shares her pains and gains with other mummies. 



We kicked off 2018 with our Hegen 'Cherish Nature's Gift' Tour in three cities of Suzhou, Qingdao and Beijing. Our founder, Yvon Bock and well-known blogger and fourth-grade nursery teacher, 安安米琪 toured around the country to share their breastfeeding tips and experiences at our stores and post-natal centres.  

Yvon had a wonderful time being able to share her experiences with other mums. She was also delighted to introduce our newly-launched manual breast pump and gave tips on how to express and nurse your baby. Here are some of the tips that she lives by: 

  • Never be apologetic about having to go back to work and providing for your baby. Always reach out for support when you need and don't be shy to ask for help from your partner or caregiver.
  • Believe in yourself. Supply will always kick in and gradually build. It would come naturally to mums after giving birth.
  • Always find time to rest. Even taking short naps while your baby is sleeping would be beneficial for you.
  • To help boost milk supply, drink a lot of warm milk, hot soups and red dates. 

We also brought the fun to the seminars to keep the mums engaged and a little hands-on experience with our Hegen bottles. Mums had the chance to see how easy our Hegen bottles could be assembled and even tried their hands on our #Hegen5SecsChallenge.  

Try it for yourself! #Hegen5SecsChallenge 

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