Earth Day Craft using upcycled Hegen bottles

Earth Day Craft using upcycled Hegen bottles - Hegen

It’s Earth Day and to celebrate this, our Hegen team came up with this fun upcycling craft that you can do as a family with your little ones! We’re turning our Hegen Bottles into a stationery holder and a vase!​ ​




Used Hegen Bottles​
Acrylic paints​
Paintbrushes/sponge dabbers​
Craft glue​ Pom poms, sequin stars (or any other craft materials you have)​
Permanent markers​
Double-sided tape/glue dots​ ​  



1. Clean the Hegen bottles with mild dish soap and water. This will remove any surface dirt. Dry it off well.​
2. Squeeze a small amount of paint on a palette. Start painting on the bottles using a paintbrush or sponge dabbers. You can also get your little one to draw pictures using permanent markers, then paint the pictures after. ​ ​
3. Use a pea-size amount of craft glue, double-sided tape, or glue dots to stick the pom-poms and sequin stars on the bottles.​ ​
4. Allow the bottles to dry completely (10-15 minutes).​
5. Your stationery holder and vase are done!​