3 Key Considerations When Deciding If You Need A Breast Pump

3 Key Considerations When Deciding If You Need A Breast Pump - Hegen

What all mothers hope for is a healthy well-nourished child. Many expecting mothers tend to go to lengths to purchase the best baby bottles, breast pumps, and other accessories for their babies. An electric breast pump is one of the most useful gadgets you can have as a breastfeeding mother due to its convenience and efficiency. However, you might be unsure if it is really necessary especially if you are considering direct latching. Here are three key considerations to guide you in making this decision:


1. Would your family members help feed your baby?

Having more hands to help provide your baby with food can be a great stress reliever. If you plan to have your spouse or family members help bottle feed your baby, getting a breast pump to express your milk and stock up in advance would make your life a little easier. All your family members would have to do is heat up the milk while you take a break. Having a strong support system is crucial for success in breastfeeding. Considering whether you plan to have extra help would be a great way to help you decide if you need a breast pump.


2. Are you comfortable with nursing in public?


Nursing in public can be an intimate and vulnerable experience for lactating mothers. Due to a different environment, you may experience difficulty nursing your baby outside of home. In such situations having a bottle of expressed breast milk on hand would be ideal. With a lightweight and portable breast pump like the Hegen PCTO Double Electric Breast Pump will allow you to pump on the go, maintaining your milk supply and preventing common breastfeeding issues like breast engorgement and blocked milk ducts. Pumping before leaving your home can also save you the unwanted attention you may get from nursing in a public space, and you would not have to struggle with finding an appropriate environment to breastfeed.


3. Are you planning to head back to work?

After your maternity leave is over, you will likely have much less time to nurse your baby as freely as possible. Before you head back to the office, you would also need to think about some arrangements for your little one’s feeding time. We all know that the most nutritious kind of milk for your baby would be one made just for them – your breast milk. It is possible for working mums to continue breastfeeding. Set up a pump schedule and start storing up expressed breast milk at least a month before you have to head back to the office. Bring your breast pump and pumping essentials along so you can continue pumping to keep your breast milk supply up. You can take up a workshop such as Hegen Lactation Centre’s Back-to-Work Breastfeeding class to prepare yourself for this transition. Giving your child what he or she needs does not have to be something that adds more work when you already have other responsibilities to handle at your job. A breast pump would be a handy tool to help you continue your breastfeeding journey even when you have to head back to work.



Having a breast pump on hand can significantly make life easier for breastfeeding mothers. 

Hegen provides high-quality manual and electric breast pumps that are comfortable and hassle-free. Our electric pumps even double up as a massager to help you ease breastfeeding aches and alleviate problems like blocked ducts. Lightweight with a hospital-grade suction strength, Hegen’s double electric breast pump is perfect for any mother. We have many available products on our website to make you and your baby happy. Hegen also provides lactation consultation services if you face any breastfeeding issues. Click here to find out more about our services.