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Whether it be lactation consultations or preparatory classes for parents, we are here to meet your needs and questions on all things pre- and postnatal. Our team is committed to walk you through every step to achieve success in your parenting journey.

Prenatal Lactation Consultation

Prenatal consultations help to lay the necessary groundwork for a successful breastfeeding journey right from the start.

This is especially helpful for mothers who may have:

  • Inverted nipples
  • Short nipples
  • Flat nipples
  • Breast augmentation/reduction
  • Previous breastfeeding challenges
  • Fear and stress over breastfeeding
  • Concern about achieving a successful first latch at the hospital
  • Need for colostrum collection (only from week 37 and beyond, to be done by our IBCLC only)

Our certified lactation specialists will guide you on: 

  • How to overcome breast and nipple anomalies to achieve breastfeeding success
  • Nipple measurement for flange fitting
  • Scientific and medically-backed approach to breastfeeding to allay your concerns
  • Breast massage and hand expression techniques

When Can You Start

This is most suitable for mothers who are in their 30th – 36th week of pregnancy. This is a private consultation session held at Hegen Lactation Centre or virtually via Zoom on weekdays. Partners are welcome.

Consultation Fees & Duration

Consultation fee starts from S$100.00 per hour on weekdays (physical or via Zoom). There is an additional charge of S$30.00 for every 15-minute block after the first hour.

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Postnatal Lactation Consultation

Seeing a lactation specialist within the first few days to a week postnatally helps to get mothers and babies off to a good start for breastfeeding!

It is the perfect time for our specialists to help you and your newborn establish a deep latch and a comfortable position for a smoother breastfeeding journey. To do so, they will observe a pump/feed session from start to finish as part of the assessment.

Our team is also able to help you with:

  • Managing your milk supply, either oversupply or undersupply
  • Nipple soreness, pain and engorgement
  • Nipple rejection and/or confusion
  • Correcting a shallow latch
  • Discomfort during breastfeeding
  • Assessing the compatibility of the pump parts with your nipple size
  • Assessing if your baby might have a tongue-tie issue
  • Planning your breastfeeding goals in accordance to your lifestyle and needs
  • Additional breastfeeding instruction and support for premature and “late” preterm babies

When Can You Start

It is best to schedule a session any time you are discharged from the hospital. This is a private consultation held at Hegen Lactation Centre or via Zoom on weekdays. Partners are welcome.

Consultation Fees & Duration

Consultation fee starts from S$100.00 per hour on weekdays (physical or via Zoom).

There is an additional charge of S$30.00 for every 15-minute block after the first hour.

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Lactation Consultation at Home

For mothers who prefer to see a lactation specialist at the comfort of their own homes, our team is able to facilitate the session as well. The lactation specialist can observe a feed/pump session in the home environment, and provide management strategies accordingly.

We recommend this consultation for mothers who:

  • Are unable to leave the home due to confinement or medical reasons
  • Need urgent help with regards to pain and discomfort due to breastfeeding
  • Prefer for the consultation to be done at home so the specialist can give advice based on their personal home arrangement

Consultation Fees & Duration

Weekday: S$240.00 per 90 minutes (For consultations after 6pm, the rate will be $340.00 per 90 minutes.)

Weekend: $340.00 per 90 minutes

*Do note that there is an additional charge of S$40.00 for every 15-minute block after the first 90 minutes.

For home lactation consultations, you may schedule an appointment via our lactation hotline at +65 8874 0452. We will reply to your query as soon as we can.

Childbirth Education Class

Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most life-changing experiences you get to go through as parents while you await the arrival of your bundle of joy.

As you enter into this new season in life, our team of medical professionals will be right by you to address your most pressing concerns about childbirth, share practical insights and techniques to aid you through your pregnancy and beyond.

For our Childbirth Education class, we highly recommend for couples to participate actively in the labour exercises as part of a bonding session. Practising together also helps you to be prepared for the actual labour.

Do come comfortably dressed!

Course Structure

Part 1: Preparing For Childbirth

  • Nutrition and diet for pregnant mums
  • Exercises for pregnant mums
  • Important muscles
  • Key breathing techniques
  • Perineal massage
  • Mental preparation

Part 2: In Labour

  • Birth anatomy
  • Changes in pregnancy
  • Your hospital bag
  • What to expect in a normal labour
  • Common pain relief methods
  • Other delivery methods
  • Common complications
  • Episiotomy
  • Importance of partner support

Part 3: After Baby is Born

  • Cord blood collection
  • Delivering the placenta
  • The golden hour
  • Pain management
  • Getting up and about
  • Lochia (post-partum bleeding)
  • Breastfeeding after delivery
  • Changes in a mother’s body

Part 4: Going Home

  • Postnatal diet
  • Wound care at home
  • Mother’s emotional wellbeing
  • Getting fit
  • Postnatal checkup
  • Postnatal intimacy and contraception
  • A new normal

When Can You Start

Ideal for expectant parents in their 30th week of pregnancy as the workshop will equip you and your partner to be confident about labour and beyond.

Class Size and Format

We offer private, one-to-one physical classes.

Class Fee & Duration

S$500.00 per couple for a private 4-hour class

Caring For Your Newborn Class *POPULAR*

As you take on the most important roles as parents and caregivers, our team of medical professionals is here to equip and empower you with the scientifically-backed knowledge and techniques to enable you to care for your newborn confidently right from the start.

Our class covers major aspects of baby care, with the main focus on feeding and hygiene. Fathers are very much involved too, with hands-on activities, to care for baby’s needs!

Course Structure

Part 1: Feeding & Elimination

  • How To Tell If My Baby Is Getting Enough Breastmilk/Formula Milk?
  • Burping
  • Newborn Feeding
  • Newborn Bowel Movements

Part 2: Bathing and Care

  • How to care for an Umbilical Cord
  • How to Swaddle a Newborn
  • How to Change a Diaper
  • How to Get A Newborn Dressed

Part 3: Sleep

  • Creating a Bedtime Routine
  • Safe Sleep
  • Breastfeeding and Sleep
  • Understanding Sleep Training

Part 4: Development

  • How to Soothe Your Crying Baby
  • Responding To Your Infant's Cues
  • Basic First-Aid for Newborn

When Can You Start

Expectant parents are encouraged to attend this during the third trimester of pregnancy as the workshop will enable couples to feel prepared and confident when caring for their newborn.

Class Size and Format

We offer private, one-on-one physical classes.

Class Fee & Duration

Weekday: S$500.00 per couple for a private 4-hour class

Weekend (Saturday): S$600.00 per couple for a private 4-hour class

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Back-To-Work Breastfeeding Class

Getting ready to head back to work after maternity can feel daunting and overwhelming, especially for breastfeeding mothers.

Our team of lactation specialists is here to lead you forward on your breastfeeding journey with a strategic plan and necessary skills even as you make the transition to return to work, so that your baby can continue to receive the best nutrients from you.

Course Structure

Part 1: Establishing A Pumping Discipline

  • How to create a work pump schedule
  • Establishing a milk bank before returning to work
  • Techniques for pumping on the go
  • Understanding pump settings for optimal pumping

Part 2: Management Strategies

  • How to get a caregiver/infant care to offer a bottle
  • How to manage a "nursing strike" and "nipple confusion"
  • Techniques for overcoming dipped and/or low supply
  • Technique for hand expression

Part 3: Storage and Sterilising Guide

  • How to sterilise and store expressed breast milk on-the-go
  • Assembling a pump bag

(Exclusive for Private Classes) The consultation session will include

  • Assessment of breast condition
  • Re-assessment of nipple measurement and flange fitting
  • Customised pump settings and proposed pump schedule
  • Hands-on practice for management strategies

When Can You Start

Nursing mothers are encouraged to attend this one month before returning to work to have sufficient time to practice and apply techniques learnt during the class. It also ensures your child has enough runway to transition and simulate a feeding schedule during a workday.

Class Size and Format

We offer private, one-on-one physical classes.


3 hours

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Baby Massage Class

Baby massage is one of the best ways to engage and interact with your baby. Not only does your gentle, deep touches and soft voice calm and soothe your baby, massage strokes have been researched to relieve muscle tension, stomach discomfort and colic.

Suitable for babies from 0-6 months old, enjoy a full 90-minute bonding session led by our specialists for you with your baby.

Course Structure

Part 1: Introduction to Baby Massage

  • The origins of baby massage
  • Benefits of baby massage
  • Parent-led confidence

Part 2: Creating the Right Environment

  • Setting the right ambience for massage
  • Getting your baby ready for massage

Part 3: Baby Massage Session (Six Strokes) guided by our specialists

  • Leg and feet
  • Stomach
  • Chest
  • Arms and hands
  • Face
  • Back

When Can You Start

You are encouraged to come with your baby when your baby is 4 weeks or older, when the mother’s confinement is over.

Class Size and Format

Small, in-person class of 2-4 parent-child pairs. All items required for the session are provided for.

Class Fee and Duration

S$150.00 for mother and child, for a 90-minute class. Fathers are welcome!

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*In the event that there are not enough participants for the group class, Hegen Lactation Centre has the right to postpone the class until further notice. Questions? Please drop us a note at

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