X’mas Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Mum

X’mas Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Mum - Hegen

So many gifting ideas, so little time! What exactly do you get for mums-to-be, or kids, for that matter? Depending on who you’re asking, it could vary from something as adorable as matching mum and baby dresses, or necessities like a car seat or cot. Here’s a fun list of things we think different types of Mummies would appreciate for the holiday season. 


The pregnant noob

The best people to shop for are first-time mummies who don’t know where to begin when it comes to nesting. Because of the lack of baby fairs this year, there’s a high chance she might have overlooked some less glamorous, but equally important, purchases like compression socks (for the hospital), a binder (for C-sections) or a pumping bra. A good pumping bra – wireless bandeau with straps to keep the flanges upright – can optimise your breastmilk output.

For this mummy, you could purchase fuss-free gift bundles such as Hegen Christmas 2020 gift sets at 10% off, that come with a free Jelly Cat plushie, exclusive for this Christmas season. We highly recommend Hegen PCTO™ Newborn Starter Kit $115 (U.P. $127.40) which includes 4 Breast Milk Storage containers, 2 Feeding Collars in coral and green, a pair of Slow Flow Teats, a Soothing Teether, and Jellycat Bashful Bobble Hat Penguin in Burgundy.


Fresh out the of oven Mummy

A newly-minted Mummy who’s just popped probably has her nursery and baby essentials all sorted out. What she really needs now is plenty of diapers (newborns easily go through 12 diapers a day!) and lots of rest and recovery with the help of healing tonics, herbal soups and milk boosters or lactation cookies.
Engorgement is the bane of every breastfeeding mum and to prevent that she’ll need a good pump to extract all the milk out quickly (if baby can’t do it). She could get some assistance with breast massaging tools to unblock ducts such as Hegen’s Double Electric Breast Pump which doubles up as a cupping-inspired massager to unblock meridien points. 


Mother earth

She practices daily sun salutations, mindful parenting and does everything in her power to save this planet. This nature-loving mum appreciates products that are organic and sustainable like Hegen’s Breast Milk Storage containers that evolve as baby grows. They transform from feeding bottles into feeding cups and storage containers for snacks, condiments and even stationery. 
Rather than buying a gift, how about a home-baked treat in recycled Hegen containers – to show how environmentally-conscious you are! 


Instagram mama

If you know someone who appreciates a good flat lay, then head to Tangs this Christmas from Dec 11 – 23 to experience #HegenByMe product personalisation where you can mix-and-match bottles, teats, collars and lids in any permutation or colour you like. Someone will be there at the customisation bar to assist you in curating your products, and if you spend over $200 ($180 if you join Hegen Mums on Telegram), you get a surprise gift in a sure-win lucky pick!

For every Instagram post of the pop-up event (tag @hegen #HegenByMe #SafePlace) Hegen will donate $5 to Safe Place, a haven in Singapore for women with unsupported pregnancies. In addition, the brand will also donate 20% of total sales proceeds from the event to Safe Place.


Mum of multiples

If there’s only one thing a mother with many children really needs this Christmas, it’s sleep! Coordinate with her caregivers at home to give her some time off and book her a spa treat. If she can’t leave home, then bring the spa to her with a mobile masseuse. She will be so very grateful!