Triple Blessings with 3E Gift Set

Triple Blessings with 3E Gift Set - Hegen

The journey of parenthood can be equal parts a delight and a challenge, as new mummies and daddies adjust and learn to prioritise their newborn’s needs. As a gift to parents around the world, Hegen has designed a limited-edition collection that allows them to Enjoy, Embrace and Empower this priceless experience.

Presenting the 3E series, comprising of an assortment of limited edition products featuring Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year: Living Coral.

Apart from being the colour of the year, Coral is fresh, feminine and invigorating. Described by Pantone as “an animated, life-affirming shade of orange with golden undertones”, Coral is the one colour to represent the wondrous strength and courage every mother possesses as she and her baby find their way to forge new, happy memories each day. Sweet and tasteful without being cloying, this series of little presents are bound to make parents feel like royalty.

Enjoy, embrace, and empower yourself during your parenthood journey!

#1: Enjoy

Being a mummy is tough, dealing with precious baby’s unanticipated needs at inopportune times - and that includes the need for snacks, pronto. Parents can now be armed with snacks to last through the day by snapping on a Breast Milk Storage Lid onto the Breast Milk Storage containers, and voila! A pretty nifty portable snack box for mobile eating, 24/7. Best of all, parents who also need some fuel on the go can pack healthy snacks for themselves to enjoy together with their tiny tots.

#2: Embrace

There are so many facets to being a mother. Every aspect of the journey brings with it happiness, laughter, joy, and even sadness. But mummies are always so hard on themselves. We wanted this curated collection to remind mummies to embrace the journey – the highs and the lows!

Breastfeeding can be challenging and your bodies will change, but remember that every mother goes through it, you are not alone! Embracing those changes will build your confidence and allow you to be the best mummy for your little one.

#3: Empower

 With unique design elements featuring cutting edge technology embedded in Hegen’s carefully crafted products, it’s so easy to keep everything in place without spillage, breakage or stress. A simple click, twist or snap is all it takes to connect every product together effortlessly.  Now, save the time and energy spent searching for baby items whenever they get lost somewhere, and be empowered to focus on what really matters - all-important self-care, and spending precious moments with baby.

What’s in the 3E Set

  • HEGEN PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage Lid Coral x3
  • HEGEN PCTO™ 150ML/5OZ Breast Milk Storage Coral PPSU with HEGEN PCTO™ Food Storage Converter Coral x1
  • HEGEN PCTO™ 240ML/8OZ Feeding Bottle Coral PPSU with Medium Flow Teat x1
  • HEGEN PCTO™ 330ML/11OZ Feeding Bottle Coral PPSU with Fast Flow Teat x1