Looking back on Mothers' Day: Musings from mums

Looking back on Mothers' Day: Musings from mums - Hegen

In our work at Hegen, we’re honoured to get to know Mums from every walk of life and have been so inspired by their personal journeys.

They are breastfeeding and bottle-feeding Mums, Mums who have given naturally and via C-section, Mums who co-sleep and Mums who sleep train, Mums who work at home or outside in an office, single Mums and divorced Mums. We feel so connected with them all in our shared journey to make feeding and caring easier, better and more comfortable for their babies.

So this Mother’s Day, we’d like to look back at some of the Mums we’ve interviewed in the past and reflect on the special Mommy moments and real life experiences they’ve generously shared with us.



Last year was memorable to say the least, when Singapore went into a near-lockdown and a new normal was born. Also born at the same time, was professional actress and host Sara Ann’s second child - via an emergency C-section no less!

At 37+ weeks, Sara had started leaking amniotic fluid and baby's movements were getting sluggish. Her Doctor made the call for an emergency C-section but pandemic restrictions proved to heighten the drama for Sara-Ann and her husband Vernon Tan.

“We had to go from door to door at the hospital, trying to figure out how to get in as most entrances of the hospital had to be closed due to COVID-19 measures,” recalls Sara-Ann. “I felt a little like Mother Mary looking for a place to give birth!”

Thankfully, some COVID-19 measures were lifted for Vernon to come in for the birth, which was comforting for Sara-Ann. She said laughingly: “We actually watched half an episode of Teenage Bounty Hunters while I was being operated on!”

A great tip from her for would-be Mums is to download a funny show to watch during the Caesarean birth process. “It really helped to distract me from the tugging and pulling happening behind the green screen!” joked Sara-Ann.



Who doesn’t love a happy ending? Mummy Janice Lam’s daughter was born with a hole in her heart, which spontaneously closed two months after birth!

Dr Lam credits recovery largely to Baby Lizzie’s healthy appetite and being able to feed her well with breastfeeding directly, her oversupply of milk and Lizzie receiving the right teats for safe bottle feeding.

She says: “Being able to feed well and sufficient milk intake was paramount to her gaining weight. And this was good because the holes close up mainly due to enlargement of the surrounding heart muscle tissues to close up the hole.”

Janice had been gifted Hegen’s Extra Slow Flow teats by a friend. It turned out to be the only thing that worked well and Lizzie could happily drink 900ml of milk a day smoothly and safely.

The Hegen team is glad to have played a small role in her road to recovery and hope that both Mummy and Baby are healthy and happy.


About two months postpartum, Naomi Chan discovered a stubborn blocked duct that didn’t go away even after using all sorts of methods. An ultrasound with a breast specialist showed an 8cm abscess pus sac in her right breast. The pus when tested, revealed the very strong and contagious MRSA bacteria.

Being forced to pump and dump her milk was already depressing for a new Mum, what more to be advised by her Doctor that she was to give up breastfeeding completely. 

“As a Mum, I was horrified that I was being forced to stop breastfeeding at just two months postpartum. I felt like a complete failure,” confessed Naomi.

But she never gave up hope. Armed with her determination and will to continue nursing, Naomi sought help from a TCM clinic, drank herbal tonics and shared openly about her plight online.

A friend saw her Instagram post and recommended a Malay masseuse known for helping Mums with mastitis and abscess. Naomi engaged her and true enough, the abscess was cleared in her first session!

Naomi’s ordeal with illness and not being able to breastfeed properly might have only lasted a month but it taught her a lesson in persistence. Her mothering mantra? To not give up, no matter how tough or bleak a situation gets!

She said: “Thinking of the look of contentment of my little one post-nursing was what kept me going through tough times.”


We may come from different backgrounds and hold different parenting philosophies. But at the end of the day, we are all united in our love of our children and wanting the very best for them that we’re able to give.

So here’s to you, Mama! The Hegen team wishes you a really joyful Mother’s Day with your family.