How to set up a cosy pumping corner in your home or office

How to set up a cosy pumping corner in your home or office - Hegen

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned multitasking Mama, having a conducive environment when pumping helps ensure successful and ample expression and hence a healthy supply (or in best cases, surplus!) for your baby.
It’s heartening to note that many workplaces in Singapore now have suitable spaces for working Mums to pump. That’s a big improvement from the not-too-distant past, when nursing rooms didn’t even exist. Some organisations even thought that a dusty storeroom or worse, common toilet, was room enough for the needs of a breastfeeding Mum!
But that ignorant mindset has thankfully shifted. Times have changed and Mothers have greater choices and more resources to support their breastfeeding journey.
So with all the options available these days, how should a Nursing Mum go about creating a special space for milk pumping activities?


Find the right space

First things first: make sure the area has all the necessary items needed within easy reach. If you’re using an electric pump, this means having an electrical outlet that is within a suitable distance for the cord, so you can sit comfortably and express.
If you need warm water for a compress and/or to wash/sterilise parts of the pump, the space should have a sink and hot water supply.
It goes without saying that you’d need some kind of table-top or sturdy flat surface for all your accoutrements. Too small a space might result in you accidentally knocking things over and spilling that liquid gold - the horror!
A good nursing room should preferably have a mini-fridge or be near enough to the fridge/freezer you’re using to chill your loot. If that’s unavailable, use a good quality cooler such as Fridge-To-Go, which can chill contents for hours.


Create the mood

What you see around you can help to create or kill the mood. A cluttered space creates anxiety, which is the enemy of being able to express milk bountifully. So first, clear the space. If it’s a corner of a room at home, put up a screen so that your pumping area can be your own sacred space. Maybe add a crystal or two, if you’re so inclined (Jade, Sodalite or Selenite are good choices).
If what you have in the office is a multi-use space and not a dedicated nursing room, try to carve out a clean niche in a corner. Set up a photo of baby in a nice frame for you to look at as you express. Of course, you can always look at a digital photo on your smartphone but face it, you’ll probably be distracted by all the incoming notifications. Let this be a bonding time for you and baby - yes, even if physically apart.
This is also where nice smells (and more importantly, the lack of bad ones!) matter a lot. So definitely reject a space anywhere near a toilet or pantry (granted, the latter is much better than the former if you really have no choice).
Set up a diffuser to scent the space with a relaxing fragrance. If pumping on the go, invest in a tiny, portable one that can fit in your breast pump case.
Soothing music - be it forest sounds or Heavy Metal, whatever your jam is - can do a lot to get you relaxed quickly. So download Spotify and make sure you have a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth earphones, so that you don’t need to worry about getting tangled up in cords.


The right equipment goes a long way

Of course, having premium quality pumps and bottles will help to ease your breastfeeding journey.
Whether you prefer manual or electric pumping methods, Hegen breast pumps serve your needs both at home and when you’re out and about. Being lightweight and compact matters more when you’re on the go. The Hegen method allows direct expression into storage containers, which double as feeding bottles. The ease of swapping between pumps, feeding collars and storage lids means no transfer of milk is necessary and not a drop of that liquid gold is wasted!