Hospital-Grade Or Regular Breast Pump – Which Is Best For You?

Hospital-Grade Or Regular Breast Pump – Which Is Best For You? - Hegen


When it comes to breastfeeding, every mother’s journey is unique. Choosing the right breast pump is an essential decision that can greatly impact your experience. If you’ve been exploring the wide range of breast pump options out there, you’ve probably come across terms like “regular” or “personal use” breast pumps, as well as “hospital-grade” breast pumps.   

With so many options available, deciding on one can feel overwhelming. Want to find out if a hospital-grade pump or a personal use breast pump is a better fit for you? Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between the two. 

What is a hospital-grade breast pump? 

Here’s an interesting tidbit: There is no official definition of the term “hospital-grade” when it comes to breast pumps! Furthermore, there is currently no regulatory body that oversees the classification of breast pumps as “hospital-grade”. Typically, this term refers to pumps that come with powerful motors and – as the name suggests – are commonly used in a hospital setting.  

One key feature of a hospital-grade pump is using a “closed system”, which means they have barriers in place to prevent expressed breast milk and other fluids from entering the motor. This minimises the risk of contamination, ensuring safety and hygiene for multiple users.


When to opt for a hospital-grade breast pump: 

  • Lactation issues or medical conditions: If you’re grappling with issues related to milk production or specific medical conditions that require more efficient milk expression, a hospital-grade pump may offer the necessary support to stimulate milk flow and increase supply through its powerful suction. 
  • Preemies or NICU babies: A doctor or lactation consultant may recommend a hospital-grade pump to mums of premature babies (born before week 37) or newborns who may not have developed the strength to nurse effectively, as the powerful pump can help to initiate and establish your milk production during those critical early days. 

What is a regular breast pump? 

Despite its name, there’s nothing “regular” about these breast pumps. On the contrary, regular or personal use pumps are equipped with a wide variety of functions to cater to the diverse needs of breastfeeding mums.  

Popular variants include the double electric breast pump, which is designed for efficient expression by simultaneously pumping from both breasts, and the manual breast pump, which allows discreet and quieter expression without requiring a power outlet. 


When to choose a regular breast pump:  

  • Established milk supply: If you have a strong milk supply and only need to pump to maintain your supply, a regular pump may be sufficient.

  • Part-time pumping: For mums who are returning to work, or need to be away from their babies occasionally, a regular pump gives you the flexibility to be on the go at a moment’s notice.  
  • Convenience: Regular pumps are lightweight, portable and easy to use, making them convenient for pumping in different spots at home or on the move.  


Get the best of both worlds with Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump 

Torn between the power of a hospital-grade pump and the convenience of a portable breast pump? Here’s an amazing option that offers the best of both worlds: the Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump (SoftSqround™). 

This pint-sized powerhouse weighs just 230g and can seamlessly fit into any tote when you’re heading out. With the Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump, you can discreetly pump anytime and anywhere, thanks to its nearly silent operation.  

Our best-selling 5-in-1 pump boasts five customisable modes, including both single and double pumping, along with a soothing massage feature. Switching between electric and manual pumping is as simple as swapping two pump parts, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of two pumps for the price of one. Coupled with hospital-grade suction strength, the versatile pump works like a charm to maximise your milk supply. 

Our top tip for pumping success? Choosing the right flange size. Made from soft silicone and moulded in the unique Hegen Sqround™ shape for better adhesion, our Hegen SoftSqround™ flange is available in five sizes for a more natural fit tailored to your nipple shape and size, ensuring a pumping experience that’s gentle, comfortable and effective.  

Whether you’re a new mum looking to optimise your milk supply or an experienced pro seeking efficient pumping on the move, the Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump will provide the personalised support and convenience you need throughout your breastfeeding journey. Click here to find out more.