Hegen Mum Of The Month – October 2020

Hegen Mum Of The Month – October 2020 - Hegen

As a veteran host and influencer, one can imagine that Sara-Ann K would be pretty used to showstopping scenarios on a regular basis. So perhaps it came as no surprise that when it was time to deliver her two sons, both showed a flair for dramatic entrances.


Hegen Mum of the Month - Oct 2020


An emergency COVID-19 baby

“My second son was delivered through an emergency caesarean section, as did my first,” revealed Sara, who gave birth to her younger child in late-August. “I started having contractions a week prior to our scheduled C-section but tried my best to keep him in until the 37-week mark. Insurance doesn't cover babies for a year if they are born before then so we were stressed about that.”
Luckily for Sara, she safely passed 37 weeks but started leaking amniotic fluid soon after, with the baby's movements becoming increasingly sluggish. Her doctor eventually made the call for an emergency C-section.
But pandemic restrictions proved to heighten the drama for Sara and her husband, Vernon Tan. “We had to go from door to door at the hospital, trying to figure out how to get in as most entrances had to be closed due to COVID-19 measures,” recalled Sara. “I felt a little like Mary looking for a place to give birth.”
Thankfully, some COVID-19 measures were lifted, and Vernon was able to come in for the birth, which was comforting for Sara. She said laughingly: “We actually watched half an episode of Teenage Bounty Hunters while I was being operated on.”
Another great tip from her for would-be Mums is to download a funny show to watch during your caesarean birth process. “It really helped to distract me from the tugging and pulling happening behind the green screen!” joked Sara. "By the time you get to Number Two, I think you realise how fast kids grow, that you let go of a lot of expectations, and you start appreciating the small moments.”


The breastfeeding experience

Being a second-time Mum, Sara was well-prepared to breastfeed and had some useful “ammo” with her. “I packed cookies from Singapore Lactation Bakes, along with my Hegen pump and bottles in my go bag this time,” she enthused. “I started munching on the cookies after surgery as I was starving, so I started getting colostrum almost immediately. This lasted for three days before my milk came in.”
Sara believes that knowing what to expect has made the experience much easier, despite the fact that her second baby is a “gummer”. “He gums down on me while latching to show his displeasure when I flick his ears to wake him up during feeds,” laughed Sara-Ann. “But I'm truly loving all the bonding time I'm getting. By the time you get to Number Two, I think you realise how fast kids grow, that you let go of a lot of expectations, and you start appreciating the small moments.”


The Hegen Difference

Sara is a self-confessed “huge fan” of Hegen since her first child who is now two and a half years old. It was not surprising that she was well-equipped for the arrival of Baby Number Two. “I genuinely use all the products,” she confided earnestly. In fact, she is such a believer that to date, she counts having purchased 25 starter sets for friends as baby gifts.
A typical day sees her using the Hegen pump daily in order to express milk for the confinement nanny to feed baby during nights where she needs to catch up on rest. “He’s been a breeze to feed,” said the relieved Mum. “Hegen teats help to ensure there is no nipple confusion; at only six weeks he is switching very easily from direct latch to bottle.”
As her older son had been using Hegen bottles since birth, Sara was happy that our brand offers collections in other pretty colours, which she says is a lifesaver.
“We got a complete set of PCTO collars and covers for didi [“little brother” in Mandarin] in green,” she gushes. “So that our older one can differentiate between his white bottles and his brother’s. There will be no jealousy or fighting!”


Parenting in the public eye

Even though she has a modest following of over 50,000 followers on Instagram, Sara-Ann doesn’t quite consider herself an Influencer. “This is because I hardly, if ever, accept paid posts,” she stated. “I think that this has taken a lot of pressure off my shoulders because I get to be the most authentic version of myself.”
She tells us that she made a choice to move in this direction after the birth of her first child, she was asked to promote a product that she didn't use - for a really good sum of money.  “This potential client was generous but also told me it was okay if I didn't use the product, as long as I posted about it,” she recounted. “I turned them down, but it really made me think about how unethical social media can be.”
Sara herself would personally purchase items based on friends’ recommendations and social media shares, and is conscious of the content she posts as a public figure, especially towards other moms. “I swore to myself that anything posted on my space has to be genuine. Everything has to be something I use, I bought, will continue to buy, and I believe in,” she affirmed.
Being in the public eye has also allowed Sara to make a difference to some of her fellow Mums who would contact her personally and confide in her or share useful information. “As a mother, I'm far from perfect but it's been a privilege to have so many fellow mums message me with questions or share parenting tips and hacks,” she shared gratefully. “I’ve also been blessed to receive messages filled with love and encouragement. To me, having a community that uplifts each other is what social media should be about.”

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