Healthy postpartum snacks for nursing mums

Healthy postpartum snacks for nursing mums - Hegen

While it’s quite common in our Asian tradition to follow a specific postpartum diet (ie. confinement food), doctors say that there’s actually no reason why mums should deny themselves from anything they want to eat – in moderation!
Of course, having nutritious snacks is always a good idea, and bingeing on junk food and processed treats is not. The problem might happen when you’re on the go and can’t find any healthy snack food options; and we all know how hungry nursing mummies can get!
Stashing some treats in one of our spare Hegen bottles is just the thing to do. The square PCTO™ PPSU containers make for nifty snack holders. Here are some ideas of what you can fill them with to satisfy those hunger pangs.


Breastfeeding supplements

If you’re taking these, you should be ingesting them regularly, preferably in the morning with breakfast. But many mums can be overwhelmed with lots of “doing” and forget to take their daily dose of vitamins! Why not stash some extra in a spare Hegen bottle for the diaper bag so that you have them with you on-the-go?


Trail mix or granola 

Nuts and dried fruit are a great source of Thiamin, Riboflavin, Choline and vitamin B6. Keep it interesting with a mixture of nuts and chocolate with pieces of fruit and of course make sure that the mix is not overly sugared or salted. 


Freeze dried snacks like veggie or fruit crisps

Ever seen those dehydrated mushroom, broccoli and banana or apple pieces? Well, not only are they deliciously crunchy, they’re healthier than carby potato crisps and are your source for vitamin D, Iron and Folate.


Beef jerky

Of course, you should be getting your red meat from your main meals but as a snack, beef jerky is a great low carb option that also contributes to your daily intake of Copper, Zinc, Iron and Choline. Small pieces are also handy munchies that fit well into our square bottles!


Yoghurt or overnight oats

Nursing mums should not skip breakfast and this could be hard if you’re on-the-go in the morning, either rushing to work or to send your older kid to school or daycare. Why not fix a bunch of overnight oats or Greek yoghurt in Hegen bottles for busy weekdays, ready for you to grab from the fridge in the morning? Add seeds, crushed nuts and jam or chocolate bits as topping.



Sometimes a dry snack just doesn’t cut it when you’re really hungry. A Hegen bottle of guacamole tucked into your chiller bag is a better option than a burger from a fast-food joint. Grab a pack of corn chips and you have a Folate-rich appetizer on-the-go.


Hard cheeses

If you’re craving fries or potato chips, substitute them a cheese snack instead. Ditch the processed versions that are pre-packaged, cubed or sliced. Instead, select a good hard cheese like gouda or cheddar and cut it into cubes that you can easily enjoy while out and about.


Dried seaweed

Another great substitute for popcorn or potato chips is the humble dried seaweed. The plain ones are healthier but even the ones flavoured with spicy mala do less harm to your waistline than unhealthy snacks.