5 Fun Ways to Use Hegen’s Mini Storage Containers

5 Fun Ways to Use Hegen’s Mini Storage Containers - Hegen

Now that Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we can gather in lucky groups of eight (huat ah!), it’s time to bring out the mandarin oranges and celebrate. We can also apply what we learnt last year about learning to live with less by repurposing Hegen’s bottles and using them as a key feature in our New Year festivities. Aside from storing precious breast milk, here are other fun ways to repurpose the all-new Hegen PCTO™ 60ml/2oz Breast Milk Storage PPSU 6-pack for your CNY needs.


1. Snack containers

This seems obvious, but the great thing about these containers is that you can place them on trays on very small coffee tables. An ideal size for small crunchy nibbles like sunflower seeds, chocolate coins, coin bak kwa, preserved fruit and nuts. They stack up nicely too, as we all know – so very space saving. Plus, you won’t have to put too many of each snack out at once and have them go stale.


2. Yu Sheng ingredients

Make your own Yu Sheng? Why not; you’ve had almost the entire past year to learn how. Jokes aside, the 2oz size is a perfect one to hold various ingredients like White Daikon, shredded cucumber, carrot, pickled ginger and other preserved vegetables. Bonus: if it gets knocked over during the lo hei, our bottles won’t break.


3. Steamboat sauces

What’s a reunion dinner without steamboat? It’s a perfect dish to create camaraderie and interaction. It also comes with a ton of ingredients, sides and sauces that you somehow have to make space for on the table so that every person can get some. So, if you run out of small sauce dishes or little bowls, whip up your Hegen collection instead!
Fun fact: Hegen’s PPSU material not only withstands extreme temperatures, but does not absorb or retain odour, so it smells good as new even after heavy sauce usage.


4. Discreet healthy snack box

Going visiting during CNY while on a postpartum diet isn’t fun. You’re trying to steer clear of sweet and high-calorie food but every house you visit only has those to offer. Nursing mums need to make sure that they snacking nutritiously as well too. If you need to bring your own trail mix or Keto cookies, stash them in a Hegen 2oz container and munch on the go. It will fit into your small clutch and keep you chewing in front of relatives.


5. Even more discreet takeaway box

Not on a diet? Hurrah! Time to binge on all the bak kwa, pineapple tarts and cookies on the coffee table. Having said that, there are some tarts that are just better than others and will keep you going back for more. In order to not appear greedy, sneak some takeaway into your 2oz bottle for the ride home. We promise we won’t tell the host.
From the Hegen Team to our wonderful Hegen Mums and families, here’s wishing you all a prosperous and healthy Year of the Ox!