4 easy ways for nursing mums to go green

4 easy ways for nursing mums to go green - Hegen
Most parents know that breastfeeding gives their children priceless emotional and nutritional benefits. But did you know that it is also a huge step towards becoming more environmentally-friendly? Breastmilk is a naturally renewable resource that doesn’t require additional energy to heat up, and nor does it need to be to produced, packaged and transported like infant milk formula. So here’s (a non-alcoholic) bottoms up to mums who have chosen to breastfeed!
For mothers who want to go even greener, here are four other ways to nurture Mother Earth:

#1 Say no to disposable plastics

From plastic straws to non-biodegradable diapers, conscious consumers are increasingly replacing environmentally harmful single-use products with eco-friendly equivalents. Always choose products that are made to last, rather than thrown away.
The Hegen PCTO™ milk bottles, for example, are made of PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) — the highest-performing thermoplastic known for its durability and high heat tolerance. They are naturally BPA-free, do not absorb odour or colour, and will prove to be invaluable as your baby grows.

#2 Reduce your trash output with multi-functional products

A crib that can be converted from an infant cot into a baby crib, and even a toddler bed, means you don’t have to dispose of a well-made item as your child grows. 

Similarly, multi-functional milk bottles go a long way in reducing wastage caused by plastic use. Hegen bottles, for example, are designed to be useful long after your child’s milk-drinking years pass. Thanks to specially designed lids, these bottles can be converted into air-tight and secure storage containers perfect for baby food, snacks, and juices.

#3 Do your homework before buying

Take some time to research companies so that you can be sure the ones you buy from are dedicated to environmentally friendly production processes. One easy way to check for responsible practices: Certifications. The ISO 14001, for example, ensures that a company adopts the best environmental practices to minimise their environmental footprint, reduce the risk of pollution and develop their business sustainably. We’re proud to say that our parent company Fitson, who manufactures all Hegen products, has that very certification.

#4 Get pre-loved items from other mummies and daddies

It’s no secret that newborn babies grow out of their clothes rather quickly. But continuously buying cute onesies to doll up your baby will quickly burn a hole in your pocket, and consume a lot of natural resources to boot. Remember, the fashion industry is already a major polluter, second only to oil. Help save the earth, and your wallet, with this trick. 

Photo: Unsplash/The Honest Company