Sleep Baby Sleep Workshop

By Zoe Chu

25 February 2023

9am - 1pm

Are you tired, confused and frustrated with your baby's sleep?

As a sleep-deprived parent who has been attending to your little one’s wakings through the night for many nights, the feeling of exhaustion and being constantly on the edge may be a familiar one.

But it does not need to be.

Here’s a solution for you and your baby to get the sleep you both need, for you to be your best self as a parent and for your optimal baby’s growth and development.

The Sleep, Baby, Sleep workshop led by Asia’s leading sleep expert, Zoe Chu, founder of Sleep Supernanny, is designed for expectant and new parents who may be struggling with their little ones’ sleep. In this workshop, learn:

  • Zoe’s tried and tested 5-step system proven to bring your precious sleep back
  • How to design an effective sleep plan for your baby
  • About sleep science and get support for better sleep

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baby yawning next to teddy bear in bed

Workshop Outline

This 4-hour workshop by Sleep Supernanny Zoe Chu covers these topics extensively:

  • Sleep Science 101
  • Infant sleep: What to expect
  • Understanding the 4th month sleep regression
  • Managing breastfeeding and teaching your baby to sleep
  • Building practical healthy sleep habits
  • Your baby’s sleep environment
  • Q&A
baby sleeping under blanket

Workshop Details

Date: 25th February 2023, Saturday

Time: 9am - 1pm

Venue: Hegen Experiential Centre

Price: $250 per couple | $200 per individual

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*Ticket Price includes 30-day free access to Sleep Supernanny’s Online Video Library and eBook worth $99.00

About The Speaker

about the speaker

Zoe Chu is a renowned speaker, author and sleep expert from Singapore who has a mission to empower tired and sleep deprived parents and children to get their precious sleep back. Known as Sleep Supernanny, Zoe is passionate about helping people achieve better health physically, mentally and emotionally through the power of sleep. Being a mother of four children, including a set of twins, Zoe has witnessed first-hand how crucial sleep is for the whole family – for the children’s growth and development, as well as spousal relationship.

Zoe’s work has been featured on Mindvalley, National Geographic, Mediacorp Channel 8, Mother & Baby, HerWorld, The Straits Times and many other avenues to help people understand more about the importance of sleep. Sign up today and find out how you and your family can get better sleep!

If you're still on the edge, don't take our word for it. Here are some testimonials that real mothers have to say:


Alicia, Mum of 2

We first engaged her help for our 6 month old daughter, who was waking 5 to 6 times every night from 4 to 6 months old, back in 2019. Everyone was saying her frequent waking was due to her teething. She was also napping a grand total of 30 minutes daily though she was still so young! A google search and I found out about Zoe.

At first, we were skeptical about the effectiveness of sleep training and given that it was a huge sum of money, we were hesitant about it. However, I was desperate as I was falling sick every month due to the lack of sleep. The lack of rest also made me cranky and short tempered. Hence, we decided to try.

It was truly the best decision we every made and money really well spent. My daughter was sleeping through the night by the 2nd night and had at least 1 full nap two weeks later. As time went along, she was eating and learning very well due to having quality sleep.

With this, we understood the importance of good sleep habits in our kids and decided to get Zoe to guide us again for our newborn. Within 3 days, our son was able to self settle and sleep on his own. I no longer have to worry about the possibility of him treating me as a human pacifier and having poor sleep habits.

Zoe is really experienced and is always confident when answering any of our questions. Is your child sleeping poorly? Getting Zoe’s help is the best choice you can ever make! Thanks for all your help Zoe!


Jesvin, Mum of 1

I remembered I approached Zoe when my baby was about 8 weeks old and we decided to engage her. In 1 week plus we saw amazing improvements in his sleep from waking up every 2-3 hours, he was able to sleep longer stretches from about 5-6 hours, then 8 – 9 hours and finally at just 2 months old he was sleeping through the night 10-12 hours.

I am really thankful to Zoe for her guidance and advice which is so crucial as I implement her 5 steps system. When she came to my home she also checked out my baby’s sleep environment and suggested ways to improve it.


Faith Wong, Mum of 1

I get so much more rest and I feel more confident in handling her now. I was struggling so much previously and it led to many unhappiness within the family. We always believe in knowledge of sleep science and it really help us to recognise her cues and knowing what to do when she cry. Thank you so much!


Sheryl, Mum of 1

I was tired and depressed. My son used to require me to cuddle him for naps otherwise he will sleeps for only less than 30 mins and wakes up super upset. He required rocking and carrying to fall asleep all the time.

After joining Sleep Baby Sleep program, my son is able to fall asleep independently and has been sleeping through the night for 9-11 hours. For his naps, while he’s able to fall asleep independently, he is still learning how to connect sleep cycles and there are good days and bad.

Zoe is easy to speak to and will be able to help with your child’s sleep issues.