Lactation Centre


Abie Chow

Senior International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Abie, our resident Senior IBCLC, is very well regarded and loved by the clients she sees. Warm, gentle and encouraging, Abie puts her years of clinical experience to help mothers and babies... overcome challenges to have an enjoyable and memorable breastfeeding journey.
Abie is also deeply passionate about helping parents understand their newborns and care for their bundle of joy, especially after confinement. She believes that parenthood can be a wonderful experience with the right support and knowledge.

Yvon Bock

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Exuding a warm and gregarious personality, coupled with over 10 years of personal breastfeeding experience, Yvon has one mission – to serve 100 million mothers globally.... Beyond just creating breakthrough products, Yvon dedicated years of continual learning in lactation education and achieved her personal goal of becoming an IBCLC in 2022.
Together with her team at the Hegen Lactation Centre, Yvon is committed to provide the gold standard in lactation support and care for parents and babies with a holistic experience through education, full consultations and training services so as to encourage breastfeeding and guide every parent on their unique nursing journey.

Ruth Ng

Maternity Specialist

With over 14 years working in maternity and delivery wards, it is not an exaggeration to say that our maternity expert Ruth had assisted and delivered thousands of babies.... Passionate about helping couples understand the changes in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, Ruth believes that teamwork is at the heart of a positive birth experience.
Ruth, pleasant, understanding and trustworthy in nature, is well-liked by the HLC clients she sees for Childbirth Education.



Ashikin Hamidon

The lactation consultation with Abie is a lifesaver. Had trouble with my latch and with confidence in my milk supply and almost gave up on breastfeeding but this session really helped shift my mindset and helped me with understanding how to get a better latch, how to be comfortable and confident with breastfeeding, and enjoy the process as well. Highly recommend this session to all mummies especially first time mums.


Jovell Hoh

My husband & I attended Hegen’s Caring for your Newborn class a couple of days back, and was attended to by Siew Hwa & Abie who were both very warm welcoming and friendly from the start till end. The entire course didn’t feel draggy and certainly provided us with all the information that we needed as first time parents. Abie was patient with our questions and made sure to engage both parents throughout the session. Highly recommended for first time parents to attend this course! :)


Mayva Oropeza

Excellent experience at Hegen Lactation Center. My consultant was Abie who was very nice, friendly and knowledgeable. I gained valuable knowledge and confidence in my breastfeeding


If I have a confinement nanny, do I still need to attend this class?

It is wonderful to be able to have help immediately postpartum so you and your partner have time to recover from childbirth and ease into this new season. We believe antenatal education gives parents the knowledge to make decisions regarding your baby and family, and also the ability to care for your baby after the confinement period has ended.

Our classes and the support our team renders aim to empower you to take on your roles as parents confidently.

Who can attend the classes with me?

We encourage partners to attend classes and consultations together. At the heart of the childbirth and babycare experience is teamwork. It takes two hands to ease into this new season of being parents, babycare and breastfeeding.

However, if you prefer for your other caregiver of the baby to come with you instead, do let us know and we will facilitate accordingly.

How can I book an appointment for HLC class / consultation?

To book a class or consultation, please visit our website at: CLICK HERE!

  1. Select the service offering you’d like to go for
  2. Click on “Book Now” at the bottom of the description
  3. Select a category
  4. Select your preferred date and timing
  5. Complete the Reservation Form
  6. Proceed to make payment
  7. You will then receive an Order Confirmation email along with your appointment details!

Should you need our assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at!

Who is conducting these HLC classes or consultations?

At Hegen Lactation Centre (HLC), we work with certified medical professionals and specialists to deliver classes, consultations, programmes and events for parents and families. One of HLC’s goals is to educate and empower parents and we believe the best way to do so is to provide science-based, well-researched, thoroughly-applied knowledge and techniques to help them on their parenting journey.

Can I attend the Caring for Your Newborn class if I have attended an antenatal class prior?

Yes, you can! Our classes are designed in such a way to cater to the knowledge needs of the parents at different times. If you have attended an antenatal class before, our Caring For Your Newborn will enhance your knowledge and confidence in babycare and breastfeeding with plenty of demonstration and hands-on practice.

To find out more about the services offered by us, you may contact us at or
give us a call at +65 6842 5885 for assistance.