Hegen Brand Story

Hegen was founded with the mission to help, serve and empower women in the sometimes demanding, oftentimes beautiful journey that is motherhood. Beyond creating a beautiful product, we possess a lofty ambition: To celebrate breastfeeding, a mother’s ultimate gift to her child.


There are businesses spearheaded by mumpreneurs, and then there is Hegen — a brand that’s the brainchild of a mum, founded to empower other mothers in their journey of nurturing and celebrating new lives.


We are in the business of designing meaningful products that advocate breastfeeding, protect the integrity of breastmilk and enhance the breastfeeding journey for parents all over the world.


For most mothers, breastfeeding is a profoundly rewarding experience, a time for building lasting emotional bonds and creating immense impact on the health of their children.


“Having successfully breastfed for a decade, I wanted to pay it forward,” says Hegen founder and managing director Yvon Bock, and a mother of four.


“Harnessing my background in design and manufacturing, how better to help other working mums like myself than through design, and transform the experience of breastfeeding into a more hassle free experience — in other words, enabling other women to enjoy the journey”


However, Yvon discovered that “…out of 95% of mothers who initiate breastfeeding, only 21% of them sustained this for six months or more”. This is despite the fact that breast milk provides all the energy and nutrients that the infant needs for the first months of life, according to World Health Organization (WHO), and it provides up to half or more of a child’s nutritional needs during the second half of the first year, and up to one-third during the second year of life.


But the reason behind some mothers being unable to sustain breastfeeding is simple: In an increasingly hectic society, many women are unable to juggle the demands of work or modern lifestyles with an intense feeding routine. Others may struggle to maintain their milk supply because of stress and difficulties in having their infants latch on.


And this is a challenge deeply understood by our founder. In her life, Yvon is an utterly devoted mother to three boys and a girl. She is also a daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, designer and the entrepreneur behind Hegen — a mini empire that is now in 15 global markets.


“Breastfeeding is, obviously, best — that bond formed between mother and child through direct latching is one that reaps endless physical and emotional rewards throughout life, not just during infancy,” says Yvon, who breastfed her daughter for 30 months.


“But today’s women are superheroes juggling their careers, passions and duties with the full-time, life-long job of being mummies.


Hegen strives to be that support system to allow for women to continue upon the priceless experience of breastfeeding, for as long as they wish to do so.”


Beyond a mere mission to sell bottles or breast pumps, we have zoned in on the pain points of what should be an enriching maternal experience; and transformed the journey of breastfeeding into a joyful, positive and even trendy lifestyle.


And that journey begins with design.


We’re not talking about picking out a colour scheme for its “eye candy” value; or simply changing the shape of a milk bottle so it stands out on a store shelf.


The god is in the details when it comes to creating each and every Hegen product: Our star product is the Hegen Press-to-Close, Twist-to-OpenTM (PCTOTM) Express-Store-Feed system, which allows mothers to express and store their breastmilk, as well as feed their young ones with the same single container.


Our ergonomic, square-shaped design makes the bottles easy to store, while the no-screw thread, one-hand closure technology allows parents to easily press on and twist off the lids, minimising spillage and unnecessary wastage of precious breastmilk.


Combining form and function, the lids come in on-trend pastel shades — not just for the “wow” factor when mums pull the containers out of their diaper bags, but to colour code breastmilk expressed during different times of day. Our compact, tote-friendly PCTOTM Double Electric Breast Pump also comes in a stylish shade of blush — all while offering multiple functions such as a patent pending kneading massage feature to help relieve body aches and tension experienced by do-it-all mums.


We’ve done the heavy lifting, having spent five years brainstorming and refining our ideas before even producing a single bottle. Why? We believe that breastfeeding should be rewarding, easy and - dare we say it - enjoyable!


What began as a simple mission has evolved into a holistic solution for encouraging and prolonging the breastfeeding experience.


In fact, our name draws from part of a German idiom, hegen und pflegen, which loosely translates to “what you hunt, you must farm; what you eat, you must crop”. It reflects our belief in creating a positive impact and contribution to both our customers and the global industry as a whole, in everything that we do.


From our product designs to community projects, we are here to improve and make a positive difference to breastfeeding mothers all over the world. And because our products are renowned for their precision engineering and product reliability, our name also speaks to our design ethos and philosophy to be simple, practical and innovative.

After all, uncompromising safety and quality lies at the heart of our mission. Hegen is a 100% self-funded and bootstrapped start-up, but it is also backed by a parent company with over 30 years of experience manufacturing state of the art mother baby care products. Through this connection, the entire process can be controlled from end to end, so that all products are crafted with the finest quality, supported by veteran design and production specialists from the industry.


Since launching in 2015, the brand has its sights on expanding into 35 markets by 2020. With the aim on expanding our award-winning range of breastfeeding products, Hegen is well on its way to making a difference by providing a sustainable breastfeeding solution to mothers all over the world.


At Hegen, our mission is to champion breastfeeding, empower mothers and celebrate life.